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Permanent GDPR-compliance with our automated software

Especially as an internationally operating organization like yours it is of utmost importance to understand and abide by the principles of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

DataReporter offers you the possibility to constantly and permanently remain data-protection-compliant, be time and cost efficient and minimize your risks and liabilities in data protection with minimal effort.

Make your website permanently compliant – without even noticing it!

With WebCare you can forget the uncertainty of horrendous warning letters. Even annoying manual updates are a thing of the past. WebCare keeps your website GDPR-fit at all times – fully automatic and legally correct! 

All features within WebCare are permanently updated by our legal experts. Of course we offer all services in English, German and other European languages.



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How can DataReporter permanently automate your legal requirements in data protection?

DataReporter – the internationally versatile Data Privacy software covers all areas of the GDPR. With its easy-to-use interface, DataReporter offers a wide variety of features that will not only make your work in data protection much easier.

It also helps you to structure your corporate processes and create a structure you can benefit from, especially when working with your data.

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Data Privacy with DataReporter according to GDPR

GDPR-fit at all times – with DataReporter

What are our key features (full English version as a standard)?

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With our system your concern for having to keep track of the fulfillment of legal information obligations on your website vanishes - DataReporter completes this task fully automatically! For more information, visit Features and our YouTube channel.

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Permanent Data Privacy compliance on your website

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